At the Chabahil Vegetable and Fruit Market, you can pay with a QR code.


At Chabahil’s famed vegetable and fruit market, you now pay with a QR code instead of cash. Sunrise Bank has implemented a scan and pay service in order to make digital payments more convenient for both sellers and customers in the crowded market.

The QR Code payment method is growing increasingly popular throughout the world, and it has now made its way to the Chabahil market as well. Bhuwan Kandel, Executive Director of the Nepal Rastra Bank’s Payment Systems Department, officially inaugurated the service, which will now provide convenience to thousands of people every day through the use of electronic payment services.

Because of the availability of QR Code payment, it is no longer required to carry actual cash with you. The ability to pay online with a smartphone will be available to consumers who scan the card supplied by the bank to the sellers.

As stated by Sunrise Bank, consumers at the Bhabahil market are able to pay using the bank’s mobile banking app or mobile wallet to the transaction. In order to prevent digital payments from being halted owing to a lack of connectivity, the bank has up free for everyone in the immediate vicinity.

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QR Code Payment Is Now a Commonplace Method of Payment.

Monthly transaction records are breaking new ground, as evidenced by the fact that digital payments are becoming increasingly popular. In order to capitalize on the increased demand for contactless payment, banks and financial institutions are incorporating QR-based payment processors into their systems in order to make it easier for their consumers to pay.

Restaurants, local fruit vendors, and upscale retail stores all accept QR-based payments, which is becoming increasingly prevalent. It is simple to make a payment using the internet. It is no longer necessary to carry cash. Every time, the convenience factor wins out.

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Nepali digital payment situations have been dominated by digital wallets such as eSewa, Khalti, Pay, and payment processors such as FonePay, and the rate at which they are gaining acceptance indicates that their use will reach even greater heights in the future months. In Nepal, digital transactions have evolved into a popular culture at the moment.

In the following days, the introduction of Sunrise Bank will benefit both the fruits and vegetable vendors and the customers who will be able to make payments.

Chabahil is where the bank is promoting digital payment with its QR Code, and the bank claims it will continue to expand the service to new locations in the coming days.

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You won’t have to worry about carrying cash with you the next time you visit the neighborhood. At Chabahil vegetable and fruit market, all you have to do is create a QR Code on your cell phone and scan it to pay with it.

In order to purchase veggies and fruits, how frequently do you visit the Chabahil market? If this is the case, you should be relieved that QR-based payment has finally arrived in the crowded market area. Please share your enthusiasm with us in the comments section.

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