As part of its 2076/77 financial year dividend proposal, Jyoti Life Insurance (JLI) proposes the first dividend in the company’s history.


the fiscal year 2076/77, the Jyoti Life Insurance Company Limited (JLI) has proposed a dividend 10.5263 to its shareholders.

The 92nd meeting the board of directors, which was conducted on Kartik 14, resolved to distribute 5 bonus shares and a cash dividend of 5.5263 percent (including the amount for tax purposes) the paid-up capital, according to the plan. Roughly speaking, Rs. 2.2 arba is the paid-up capital of the company. As a result, the bonus shares are at Rs. 11 crores, and the cash dividend is valued at Rs. 12.15 crores.

Please keep in mind that this dividend will only be paid out after receiving approval and consent from the company’s upcoming annual meeting.

At the time of writing, the company’s last day close was Rs. 634 per share.

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