Earn Money Nepal

Any traders to learn trading from?

Nepal ma kunai rmro trader cha trading sikauni? Tyo macd indicator sikauni rsi sikauni haina real trading sikauni: ma chai Indian trader haru bata sikchu Halka garo hunx two way market haruma huni kuralai 1 way market ma jharda trap trading and all

Tara in your opinion or experience have you found any trader who has good knowledge of nepse?

If yes coment some

Ps: don’t mention jaisamphoo Baba please he’s just piece of sheeet

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  1. TA ko support ra resistance ko basic knowledge vaye pugcha.

    Nepse ma successful trader huna manvaye sikney vaneko floorsheet analysis ho. Kun stock kun broker le accumulate garechha, kasle faalechha. Always remember: nepse ma insider trading ekdamai dherai huncha and brokers will always have relevant information wayyy before you do.


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