Ajod Insurance Limited Converts Promoter Shares to Public Shares, Achieving 51:49 Ownership Ratio

Ajod Insurance Limited (AIL) has recently converted 19,00,000 units of promoter shares into public shares, resulting in a change in the company’s shareholding structure. Previously, the company had 70% of its shares held by promoters and 30% held by the public. However, with this conversion, the promoter-to-public shares ratio has shifted to 51:49.

AIL, which currently has 1 crore unit shares listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), has made this strategic move to increase the public’s ownership in the company. By converting a portion of the promoter shares, AIL aims to promote wider shareholder participation and enhance the overall transparency and governance of the company.

As of the last trading day, AIL’s Last Traded Price (LTP) stood at Rs. 468. This price reflects the market value of AIL’s shares at that particular time. With the conversion of promoter shares into public shares, the market dynamics and investor sentiment surrounding AIL may be influenced. The shift to a 51% promoter and 49% public shareholding structure could potentially have an impact on the trading behavior and valuation of the company’s shares.

This conversion signifies AIL’s commitment to a more balanced and inclusive ownership structure, where the public shareholders have a significant stake in the company’s future growth and profitability. It also highlights the company’s efforts to align with regulatory requirements and promote fair market practices in the insurance industry.

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