After three consecutive days of decline, NEPSE gains 41.84 points.


The NEPSE index closed at 2,62.65 points today, up 41.84 points from the previous day’s close. The index had dropped 6.68 points the day before.

The index began trading at 2,569.78 and did not move any lower or higher than that level. Even though it reached a high of 2,69.85, the stock ended the day at 2,612.65.

It was reported that a total of 5,842,135 shares traded, with the total turnover amounting to Rs. 2.996 Arba. This represents a decrease from the previous dayR7;s turnover of Rs. 3.627 Arba. 41,051 trades resulted in the exchange of 223 scrips.

In terms of turnover, the highest was achieved by Shikhar Insurance Company Limited Promoter Share (SICLPO), which had a total value of Rs. 3.66 crores at the time of closure at a market price of Rs. 911 per share. The most actively traded shares those of Prime Commercial Bank LimitedR7;s promoters.

There five stocks that technically touched the 0 percent positive circuit breaker today, with the most significant loss of 10 percent being at NIC Asia Laghubittiya Sanstha Limited (NICLBSL), which technically struck the negative circuit breaker. NICLBSL recommended a cash dividend of 5.41 percent today, according to the company.

Only the Trading sector suffered a small loss of .84 percent today. Finance experienced the most gain, gaining 4.16 percent.

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