A call to action by the Ankhukhola Jalvidhyut Company (AKJCL) to its shareholders and promoters to dematerialize shares.


AKJCL, the Ankhukhola Jalvidhyut Company Limited (AKJCL), asked its shareholders and promoters who have been adversely affected by the project to dematerialize their shares.

The shareholders provide their old share certificates to Civil Capital Market Limited, Sundhara, Kathmandu, which serves as the company’s share registrar and transfer agent. After that, the share registrar will issue a fresh share certification, which can be given to the shareholder’s appropriate Depository Participant (DP) in order to dematerialize the stock.

After completing their lockup period, the shares of Ankhukhola Hydropower Company Limited (AKJCL) owned by residents and promoters are now fully convertible. A year ago today, on Ashoj 04, 2075, the company’s was distributed to the residents of the project’s affected area. As a result, on Ashoj 04, 2078, the locking period for the shares came to an end. On Kartik 11, 2075, the shares were distributed to the entire public in a same manner. Because shares were subject to a three-year locking term beginning on this date, the promoter shares reached the end of their locking period on Kartik 11, 2078.

LTP of Rs. 340 is now being paid for the ordinary shares of the firm (AKJCL) as at the time of writing.

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