86pc progress in rebuilding of private houses

, December 26

Eighty-six per cent of private houses that were damaged by the devastating earthquakes in 2015 have been reconstructed in the four years after the establishment of the National Reconstruction (NRA) — the consortium of the post- reconstruction process.

The figure, however, also includes houses whose reconstruction is underway.

Amid a programme organised to mark the four years of NRA’s establishment, the authority informed that the reconstruction of 482,323 private houses out of 780,165 households with which NRA had inked the housing grant has been completed so far. Similarly, 189,041 quake-damaged houses are currently being rebuilt.

As per NRA’s statistics, 5,380 or 71 per cent of 7,553 educational institutions affected by the earthquakes have been reconstructed till date. Similarly, reconstruction works of 1,787 institutions is currently ongoing.

Similarly, of the 891 cultural heritage sites of 32 districts damaged by the earthquakes, the reconstruction of 387 sites has been completed, while the reconstruction of 123 such sites is ongoing, as per NRA.

Of the 1,197 health institutions affected by the quakes, reconstruction of 665 has been completed, while the reconstruction of 149 such institutions is ongoing.

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