7-Month Macroeconomic Highlights: Inflation is 7.88%.

According to the Nepal Rastra Bank, inflation remained at 7.88 percent year on year. During the mentioned period, the gross foreign exchange reserves stood at USD 10.50 billion, while total imports and exports decreased by 19.9 percent and 29 percent, respectively, and the trade deficit decreased by 18.7 percent.

The outstanding concessional loan was Rs.210.96 billion as of mid-February 2023, with 148,295 borrowers. For selected commercial agriculture and livestock businesses, Rs.142.56 billion has been extended to 61,335 borrowers. Similarly, 84,105 women entrepreneurs have received loans totaling Rs.65.19 billion. A total of 2,855 borrowers have received concessional loans in other specified sector


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