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    Twinkles – An ideal blend of creativity and social need!

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    Ms. Jaya Rajbhandari has always been a creative person with a variety of interests including painting, dancing, singing, and writing. She had no desire to specialise in one subject and build a career around it. After witnessing the shortage of jobs and income among individuals, the epidemic sparked a great desire among family to aid others. Ms. Rajbhandari and her mother chose to use peopleR7;s sewing abilities as an effort to create jobs because she was taught with the values of giving back to others. Ms. Rajbhandari, aged 17, sold all of her original production using fabrics and items she had at home, and there was even more demand for her product.

    Twinkles became a vehicle for to express her creative abilities while still carrying out her original objective of assisting people. Her mother, grandmother, sister, and herself are all involved in the firm. Ms. Rajbhandari, who founded it in July 2020, reached out to us a few weeks ago to tell us about her year-long adventure and lessons learned.

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    Continue reading to learn more about this intriguing endeavour.

    Tell me about your desire to establish your own business.

    Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself as an entrepreneur. All I knew was that my interests are diverse, and that I will never be satisfied with a 9-to-5 desk job. We always think about others and how difficult their life must be as a family. The desire to assist others during the epidemic was the driving force behind turning a social endeavour into a business.

    How did this idea come to be?

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    We started with scrunchies because they were in high demand. In the beginning, I taught two people who worked in our household how to make scrunchies. They swiftly created 50 scrunchies due to their pressing necessity. Seeing their passion, I felt I had no choice but to sell it and provide them with more options. The response was amazing when I shared photos on social media. Our customers enjoyed our storey and mission, which resulted in increased social media involvement. The increased demand prompted me to look for different textiles at home and create more things to offer.

    What was the source of the nameR7;s inspiration?

    The intricacies of astrology have long piqued my interest. I also wanted to pay tribute to my mother, who has always been an inspiration to me. As a result, we named it Twinkles, which is a combination of my motherR7;s name plus the words stars and galaxies.

    Could you elaborate on the manufacturing process for me?

    We were keen from the start to discover people whose lives had been impacted by the outbreak. We later discovered two people with sewing skills who were unemployed owing to the shutdown.

    As a result, we began production by supplying supplies and paid a piece rate. We have a total of five persons working with us during this one-year timeframe. My grandma prepares paper packaging once the manufacture is finished, which she learned to do when plastic was outlawed in Nepal. In addition, I am in charge of all social media participation and posting. IR7;m also interested in designing and bringing innovative product concepts to market.

    What products are currently available?

    Our adventure began with scrunchies a year ago. Masks, bandanas, bralettes, and pillowcases have now been added to the product line.

    What is the demographic of your target market?

    Currently, the majority of our products appear to be geared toward women of all ages. Male customers, on the other hand, purchase masks from us. Nonetheless, we do not want Twinkles to be limited to a single group of people. We want to make it a brand that appeals to people of various backgrounds and orientations.

    What are your strategies for dealing with the competition?

    From the beginning, we never intended to generate a significant profit. Our goal has always been to assist as many individuals as possible. As a result, the increasing market rivalry does not disturb us. WeR7;ve been working hard to supply high-quality goods at reasonable pricing.

    Furthermore, market competition is usually beneficial in bringing more effect to peopleR7;s lives and communities. Even if all businesses have no social goals, they support our economy by producing jobs, offering a diverse range of products, and contributing to the common good. As a result, it’s incredible that so many enterprises have sprung up throughout the pandemic.

    What are the locations where customers can find your products?

    Because we are an internet business, the majority of our sales are made through Instagram and Facebook. In order to raise product and brand recognition, weR7;ve also launched a Tiktok page.

    What has been your experience so far as an entrepreneur?

    ItR7;s been unpredictable, to say the least. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we started with this social mission of providing individuals with income-generating opportunities. The only goal was to get as many individuals as possible to benefit from this programme. I’ve liked meeting the needs of customers, communicating with buyers, and assisting far more people than I had anticipated.

    Is there anything else you’d like to share with other aspiring entrepreneurs?

    When launching a business, it is critical to have financial and family support. There’s always the possibility that it won’t work. The best advice is to simply get started. Making a social networking page is a good place to start. When we first started, we upcycled sarees to use the materials we had on hand. Even after you begin, you will have uncertainties; but, you must accept whatever comes your way and keep moving forward. All you have to do now is believe that you will find your way, and you will!

    Twinkles is your go-to source for high-quality items at cheap pricing, from scrunchies to masks, pillows to bralettes. Now is the time to shop!

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    Facebook: Twinkles

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