The resumption of tourism operations in Chitwan National Park


Chitwan National Park tourist inflow up 7.5pcTourism operations within the Chitwan National Park have been re-established on a formal basis. Following the onset of the second of the COVID-19 epidemic, all tourism-related activities were suspended.

Tourism activities within the park, which are closed every year during the rainy season, reopen as soon as the rains have subsided, which is usually within a few days. However, because to COVID-19, the activities were halted for the remainder of the year.

Ananath Baral, the park’s Officer, announced that all types of tourism activities, both inside and outside of the park, have been reinstated. He added that the jeep safari has also begun following the rehabilitation of the road that runs through the park. A community forest adjacent to the park offers elephant safaris, as well as jeep rides and jungle hikes for those who want to get out and explore.

Visitors can also spend the night the tower-houses that have been constructed within the community forest. The Rapti River, which flows through the park, is the setting for boat cruises.

the words of Deepak Bhattarai, President of the Regional Hotel Association Sauraha, visitors to Sauraha will now be able to participate in all of the activities offered by the national park.

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As soon as the park reopens, it is anticipated that the number of visitors will increase. Bhattarai stated that the number of domestic tourists has been steadily increasing since the start of the festival season April. Even overseas tourists have begun to flock to the area. The towns of Sauraha and Pathani, as well as the cities of Jagatpur and Meghauli are hosting small meetings, conferences, seminars, and other events.

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