The NEPSE rises 15.69 points to 2,851.86.


The NEPSE index finished today at 2,851.86, up 15.69 points from yesterday’s close. On the index, this is a 0.55 percent gain. Yesterday, the index had dropped 40.57 points.

Today, the index at 2,834.26 and hit an intraday low of 2,822.88. It reached a high of 2,853.42 before settling at 2,851.86.

There were 66,113 trades involving 224 scrips. Furthermore, a total of 9,512,580 shares changed hands in the turnover amount, totaling Rs. 5.022 Arba. This is a from the previous day’s turnover of Rs. 5.836 Arba.


The largest turnover was Rs. 49.34 crores for Nepal Infrastructure Bank Limited (NIFRA), which closed at a market price of Rs. 412 per share. Its stock was also the most actively traded. NIFRA also received recognition.

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