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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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    The minister has directed the National Electricity Authority (NEA) to raise Rs 15 billion for dedicated and trunkline lines.

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    Pampha Bhusal, of Energy, has mandated that Rs 15 billion in arrears be collected from businessmen who consume energy from dedicated and trunk lines. She issued such directives in response to her discontent with NEA’s recent administration. Minister Bhusal voiced his displeasure after hearing NEA officials’ briefing on Sunday and asked them to collect the arrears.

    She was dissatisfied that team lead by Kulman Ghising had made significant changes in NEA management in the past and that the present management could not maintain it. She has even hinted at reintroducing Kulman Ghising into authority.

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    She also stated that she intends to take new in NEA administration.

    Electricity leakage has increased once more, NEA’s profit has been limited to Rs 5 billion, and quality electricity has not been provided.

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    During briefing, NEA Executive Director Hitendra Dev Shakya stated that electricity leakage could not be controlled owing to the Corona pandemic, workers could not be deployed, and Chief District Officers refused to cooperate.

    He said that profits had not increased because government had not paid Rs 15 billion from the power tariffs paid by the industrial and industrial class, as well as Rs 3 billion from the price exemption granted by the government to manufacturers.

    While briefing Bhusal, Rameshwar Poudel, Chairman of NEA Trade Union, stated that everything was in order during Kulman Ghising’s tenure, that is no longer case.

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