The Gautam Buddha International Airport is getting ready to conduct a test flight.


The Gautam Buddha International Airport, which is still under construction, is nearing the end of its testing phase.

Following the fulfillment of the ministry of tourism’s technical tasks, preparations have been made for a test operation. The activities linked to the airport’s outside structure have been completed, according to Gautam Buddha International Airport project leader Prabesh Adhikari, while the tasks relating to the installation of security screening equipment inside the airport have still to be completed.

“We are prepared for calibration flight,” he added. The term “calibration flight” refers to the process of determining whether or not the information exchange between the airport ground and the aircraft is in good working order.

The flights in the airport will be made by a 5-7 seater plane. The antenna, single receive sighting, communications, and all other of information transmission are all during the flights.

Once all of the signals and information have been successfully managed during the calibration flight, other aircraft will begin taking off and landing.

For calibrating flights at Gautam Buddha Airport, a memorandum of understanding was struck with Air Thai. Air Thai is in charge of the test operation’s timetable. Due to a coronavirus pandemic, it appears that the test flight will be postponed.

According to project sources, the airport has so far completed works between Rs 6 billion and 820 million.

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Meanwhile, the job of compensating landowners for property acquired for the project’s expansion is nearly complete. According to project chief Adhikari, compensation has totaled Rs 22.40 billion thus far.

The Gautam Buddha Airport covers a total area of 10,000 500 ropanis, which includes the land bought for the expansion project.

According to reports, the airport’s physical infrastructure can handle international flights and passenger flow for the next 50 years.

The cargo building has reached its last stage of development. The installation of a radar system, as well as the construction of a hangar, a Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) depot, a helipad, catering, a new parking lot, and a new terminal building, are still in the works.

In terms of size, the Gautam Buddha International Airport is the largest in the country.

Aeroplanes the size of the Boeing 777 and Airbus 330 can readily take off and land in the airport’s 3,000-meter runway, according to the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Code 4E.

The opening of this airport is intended to increase the amount of tourists visiting the country. Because it is close to the Nepal-India border, Indian citizens from Lucknow and Gorakhpur can utilize this airport for foreign travel.

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