PrabhuPAY and Laskar Foods have reached an agreement


PrabhuPAY Digital Wallet and Laskar Foods, an online food delivery company, have come to an agreement. Laskar Foods, a newly launched company, seeks to supply meals from restaurants to homes on time by extending the concept of a “hygienic kitchen.”

Laskar Foods is an online meal ordering platform. Users of Laskar Foods will be able to make payments through Laskar Foods using the PrabhuPAY Digital Wallet as a result of the arrangement. Furthermore, if you order food from Laskar Foods and pay with PrabhuPAY, you will receive a special promotion, according to Laskar Foods.

Laskar Foods has proposed using PrabhuPAY to distribute food coupons through a weekly fortunate draw. Customers who trade Laskar Foods three times a week using PrabhuPAY Wallet will be entered into a draw to win appealing mobile phones, according to Suman Osti, Chief Executive Officer of Laskar Foods.

Consumers interested online payments are among the orders placed at Laskar Foods, thus customers are urged to come up with such appealing offers. Laskar Foods has also proposed one of two strategies. When customers order two burgers and biryani from Laskar Foods, they will receive one free, according to Osti, the company’s CEO.

Prabhu Technology’s Chief Executive Officer Bikki Shahi expressed his delight at the prospect of working with Laskar Foods as soon as the agreement was signed. addition, an agreement has been made to provide Laskar Foods customers with great savings on a variety of Prabhu Technology services (Prabhu TV, Prabhu Internet, Momo TV).

Laskar Foods operates on a case-by-case basis and has its kitchens several parts of Kathmandu. Currently, Laskar Foods has indicated that meal delivery will be free of charge.

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