NTA asks ISPs to ink deal with NEA to rent utility poles


It has been requested by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) that internet service providers (ISPs) enter into a contract with the in order to make use of the latter’s utility poles.

The regulatory body issued a public notice on Thursday in which it instructed the ISPs to continue operating only after formalizing the agreement on the utility poles. The ISPs have been given until the middle of November to comply with this requirement by the NTA.

of right now, Internet service providers (ISPs) are refusing to pay their debts for the use of NEA’s utility poles, despite numerous notices from the state-owned power utility. According to the Telecommunications Authority, the ISPs owe the NEA more than Rs 70 million. Twelve Internet service providers (ISPs) that use NEA’s utility poles have not paid their dues in the last eight years.

Since the Electricity Authority announced a hike in rental charges for its utility poles, which are used by ISPs, the NEA and the ISPs have been on a collision course. While the National Electricity Authority (NEA) has blamed the Internet service providers (ISPs) for failing to pay the fees for the use of utility poles, the ISPs have criticized the power utility’s decision to raise the rental charges unfair.

Under mounting pressure, the government established a six-member task force under the supervision of a joint secretary from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology last month. The committee has been given until the end of November to submit its final report on the matter.

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