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    NEPSE TMS LoginNepse TMS 10 Login | NEPSE Online Trading System

    Nepse TMS 10 Login | NEPSE Online Trading System

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    Pvt. Limited

    Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Stock Number 10

    Nepse TMS 10 Login


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    On November 6, 1995, Pvt. Ltd. (PS) was registered with the government’s Ministry of Industry’s Office of Company Registrar. Despite the fact that it was registered in 1995, it began operations on January 23, 1997, after receiving a license from the Securities Board of Nepal and the Nepal Stock Exchange as the 10th number broker.
    PS is a private limited corporation. It is Nepal’s most profitable firm, with a yearly turnover of over $7 billion. It is also recognized for being the first brokerage firm to do stock trading from its own offices.

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    The company complies with the recommendations and directions of Nepal’s security board and the Nepal Stock Exchange, demonstrating its commitment to corporate governance and the implementation of industry best practices.

    PS has always put the needs of its customers first and has always prioritized their well-being. It is dedicated to providing prompt, efficient, and effective service to all clients. We recognize that the service we provide has a direct impact on our client’s financial health and that it requires skilled handling. We believe in building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

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