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Monday, November 29, 2021
    Nepal Stock ExchangeNEPSE NewsNEPSE suffers an 11.6-point loss on the first day of the week.

    NEPSE suffers an 11.6-point loss on the first day of the week.

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    In today’s closing session, the NEPSE index was 2,757.53, down 11.60 points from the previous week’s end. The index had dropped 32.39 points the previous Thursday.

    The index began the day at 2,771.75 and reached an intraday high of 2,779.68 at the close. Even though it dropped as low as 2,750.01, the stock ended up closing at 2,757.53.

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    A total of 7,894,468 shares were traded, resulting in a turnover value of Rs. 4.357 Arba ( and fifty cents). This represents a decrease from the previous Thursday’s turnover of Rs. 6.271 Arba. A total of 54,664 trades took place involving 225 scrips.

    Mahila Bikas Bank Limited (MLBL) had the greatest turnover with Rs. 50.99 crores, closing at a market price of Rs. 740 per share, which was the highest in the industry. Its stock was the most actively traded.

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    A total of two scrips have technically gained ten percent, triggering the circuit breaker in the process. Meanwhile, Terhathum Power Company Limited (TPC) suffered the most loss, accounting for 4.21 percent.







    Today’s gains were limited to only two industries. The most significant gain came from Manu.& Prod., while the most significant loss came from Trading, which fell by 1.87 percent.

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