NEPSE loses 21.48 points and closes at 2,630.01, down from 2,630.01 earlier.


The NEPSE index ended the day at 2,630.01, down 21.48 points from the previous day’s closing. Yesterday, the index had dropped by 80.29 points.

The index began the day at 2,650.54 and reached an intraday low of 2,622.32 during the course of the day. Even though it reached a high of 2,677.63, it ultimately ended up closing at 2,630.01.

A total of 8,225,822 shares were traded, resulting in a turnover of Rs. 4.008 Arba, or Rs. 4.008 billion rupees. This represents a decrease from the previous day’s turnover of Rs. 5.835 Arba. A total of 51,138 transactions took place involving 228 scrips.

A total of Rs. 61.04 crores was transacted by Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Limited (MLBL), which closed at a market price of Rs. 617.40 per share, generating the greatest turnover. Its stock was also the most actively traded.




In terms of technical gains, Nyadi Hydropower Company Limited (NYADI) and Power Company Limited (SPC) both achieved 10 percent gains and crossed the positive circuit breaker today. Meanwhile, ICFC Finance Limited (ICFC) suffered a 10% and was forced to activate the negative circuit breaker.







In today’s trading session, only “Hydropower” and “ Fund” gained, with the latter gaining the most, at 0.12 percent. “Hotels and Tourism” suffered the worst loss of any of the other industries, accounting for 2.25 percent.

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