Mero Kitta launched – An online digital map print service

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Landowners no longer need go to the survey office to get a printed map for the purpose of building a home, constructing buildings, or buying and selling after the launch of ‘Mero Kitta.’

The Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives, and Poverty Alleviation’s Department of Surveying and Mapping has begun offering online services as of today.

At a formal ceremony held at the survey department on Thursday, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli switched on automated software related to land administration, officially launching the device.

With the aim of providing services online, the department has launched Nepal Land Information System (NeLIS) and Mero Kitta today.

Through the ‘Nepal Land Information System,’ the government will provide map printing, field printing, and other services to clients right from their homes.

According to the government, the program was started to make survey office services more technologically friendly, hassle-free, efficient, fast, and successful.

The government, according to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, has been concentrating on attracting new investment and technology.

“Both offices are identical. Prime Minister Oli said, “We have changed the way we operate.”

The Mero Kitta program, according to Shivamaya Tumbahangphe, Land Management, Cooperative and Poverty Alleviation, has been launched to eliminate delays at the Land Revenue and Survey Office.

He explained that the Land Revenue and Survey Office’s decision to implement a paperless program is in line with the government’s Nepal initiative.

Teknarayan Pandey, Secretary at the Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives, and Poverty Alleviation, stated that the online service was launched to eliminate the requirement of queuing in the real estate sector.

Secretary Pandey said, “The current migration trend must resolve the problem of providing clients with services from every local Land Revenue and Survey Office.” “Real estate transactions can be completed over the internet.”

He explained that for verification, you must often be present, otherwise it be done online.

18 of the 126 survey offices around the country are yet to go online.

According to the government, all offices will be able to provide online services and conduct business by the end of the year.

According to Pandey, the ministry has begun work on making it possible to view the entire history of land on the internet.

Institutional transactions, banks, and even small businesses can conduct business online, according to him.

Prakash Joshi, Director General of the Survey Department, said that the service be available in the survey offices of Kalanki, Dilli Bazaar, and Bhaktapur starting today. It will be available in the offices of Chabahil, Lalitpur, Manmaiju, Tokha, and Saankhu within a day or two.

blankWhat is Mero Kitta? How to get Mero Kitta service?

Mero Kitta is a web application that allows you to access some of the services offered by survey offices through the internet from anywhere.

Map printing, plot register printing, field printing, and field drawing application can all be achieved with the Mero Kitta method. To use the Mero Kitta scheme, clients must have a land ownership certificate and citizenship.

To get the service, ordinary users must go to Mero Kitta’s website and fill an online application in the specified format. The OTP code is sent to the registered mobile number after the application is submitted. For the duration of the service, the code is needed.

After verifying the service details with the offices, all information about the revenue sum to be billed is collected via SMS.

Clients must have a mobile number and an OTP on the connect IPS platform in order to pay the revenue sum. Payment can also be made via banks using an online voucher provided by the system.

Following payment, a copy of the map will be imported from the offices, and details will be sent to the smartphone. To obtain the chart, the must download it within seven days using the registered mobile number and the office’s OTP.


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