In the month of Kartik, all mutual funds managed by NMB Capital report an increase in NAV.


NMB Limited has released the NAV Report for its funds up to the month of Kartik in the year 2078.

The net asset value (NAV) of NMB Hybrid Fund L-1 (NMBHF-1) increased to Rs. 14.78 in the month of Kartik, compared to the previous month’s NAV of Rs. 14.63.

The plan, which started with a fund size of Rs.1 Arba, has so far invested Rs. 74.23 crores in listed shares and Rs. 2.49 crores in public issues, right shares, and bonus shares, with a total investment of Rs. 74.23 crores in listed shares. The fund has made investments in and debentures totaling Rs. 34.73 crores.

There are Rs. 15 crores in fixed deposits and a bank balance of Rs. 20.31 crores in the scheme’s bank account.

The net loss for the month of Kartik is slightly more Rs. 1.12 crores as of the conclusion of the month. Before then, the company had suffered a net loss of 2.64 crores.


Another mutual fund scheme operated by NMB Capital, the NMB 50 (NMB50), has also announced its financial highlights for the month of Kartik. The net asset value (NAV) for the period was Rs. 16.16, an increase from Rs. 15.84 in the previous month.

The fund size at the outset of the scheme was Rs. 1.25 Arba, which included seed cash from the fund sponsors. A total of Rs. 1.3 billion was invested in shares of publicly traded firms, while another Rs. 2.9 billion was invested in public offerings, right shares, and bonus shares. There are Rs. 18.75 crores in fixed deposits, and a total of Rs. 29.6 crores in the bank’s overall balance (including fixed deposits). The fund has made investments in and debentures totaling 16.3 crores.

To date, the program has reported a of Rs. 2.38 crores as at the of Kartik month. The scheme had made a net loss of Rs. 1.5 crores in the preceding month, according to the latest available figures.


The net asset value (NAV) report for the “NMB Bachat Fund – E” has also been released. Newly allotted public issues of the “NMB Saral Bachat Fund – E” have been made available by NMB Limited.

As an open-ended mutual fund, the “NMB Bachat Fund – E” will not traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NEPSE). The fund has no maturity date, and the fund manager has the ability to increase the size of the mutual fund at any time as necessary.

In the month of Kartik, the NAV is Rs. 10.28. The fund has made investments in listed shares worth Rs. 26.88 crores, public issues worth Rs. 77.46 lakhs, and fixed deposits worth Rs. 8 crores. The fund still has Rs. 21.47 crores in the bank and other assets totaling Rs. 11.83 lakhs, according to the latest available figures.

The fund has made a profit of Rs. 1.51 crores so far this year.

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