In March, tourist arrivals in Nepal increased by 180 percent.


In March, the number of visitors visiting Nepal increased dramatically.

According to Department of Immigration records, 42,006 foreign people have arrived in Nepal by plane. is the monthly arrival total since the pandemic began, and it represents a 180 percent increase over the previous year’s record, at a time when the coronavirus was still spreading over the world.

India, with 15,013 visits, has the most number of visitors of any nation. It’s unclear if the figures include arrivals and departures from airports countries, regardless of the nationality of the traveler. It’s possible that some of the non-Indian foreigners who entered Nepal via the Indian route contributed to total.

The second and third numbers of visitors were from the United States (4,896) and the United Kingdom (4,029), respectively.The coronavirus epidemic, which caused countries all over the globe to ban international travel, wreaked havoc on Nepal’s tourist industry. Rental payments were significantly reduced for travel and tourist businesses, and the industry was forced to lay off a large number of people, which had a cascading effect on the whole economy.

At the national and international levels, the pandemic appears to be under control thanks to extensive vaccination and preventative efforts. However, the virus has risen again in China, the nearby nation where the infection is thought to have originated. Shanghai, the country’s largest metropolis, has been placed under lockdown once more.

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