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Saturday, September 25, 2021
    Nepal Breaking NewsGeneral NewsIn four points, scientist Mahabir Pun expresses his opinion on MCC.

    In four points, scientist Mahabir Pun expresses his opinion on MCC.

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    A Nepalese scientist, teacher, social entrepreneur, and activist noted for his considerable work in utilising wireless technologies to develop rural areas of the Himalayas, Mahabir Pun, has shared his thoughts on the Millennium Challenge Cooperation (MCC) Compact. Pun stated that he felt obligated to convey his views on the MCC, which is supported by the United States, due to persistent pressure from well-wishers.

    Pun expressed himself on MCC in four points, which are listed here.

    • The MCC is a political that has economic ramifications. Because I am not a politician or a leader, I have not expressed an opinion on this matter thus far. However, due to the large number of Nepalis who have inquired about my position on MCC, I can only provide my own perspective on the matter.
    • I have never been and never be a party to any conditional gift or grant, and I will never be. If someone makes a donation or grants me money on the condition that I do something, I will not accept the donation or award. As a human being or after witnessing someone’s suffering, I believe in the notion that if a wealthy individual or country makes a gift or grants to a poor individual or country, the donation or grant be made without any conditions. Whatever the plight of the person or country that receives donations or grants, if that person or country has a bad reputation or is corrupt, imposing rigorous requirements to ensure that donations or grants are not misappropriated is not against the law. I believe that the donor/grantee should not exploit the donor/grant by placing any unjustified conditions on the self-esteem of the recipient/donor, and that they should vigorously reject any attempt to take unfair advantage of the situation.
    • If are any unlawful requirements in the MCC agreement that are detrimental to Nepal’s self-esteem, they be removed. This grant should not be accepted if there are any terms that the Nepali people are not satisfied with, and if does not remove such criteria before the award is accepted.
    • Because of this, Nepalis take significant steps to make their country economically strong by banding together rather than arguing and splitting among themselves on the topic of MCC.

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