In Bhadra, mutual funds managed by Sunrise Capital report a decrease in net profit.


SFMF, sponsored by Sunrise Bank and managed by Sunrise Capital, is a closed-ended mutual fund with a 10-year maturity that invests in a variety of assets. The fund’s monthly net asset value (NAV) report for the month of Bhadra has been issued. The company’s net asset value (NAV) is Rs 14.62, down from Rs 20.48 in the previous month. This, on the hand, is mainly due to the 50 percent adjustment.

In 1977, the fund began with a rupee and, by the conclusion of Bhadra’s term in 2077, it had invested Rs 81.6 crore in publicly traded shares and Rs 18.07 crore in bonds and debentures. Besides fixed deposits, the company has invested Rs 1.23 crores in issues, rights issues, and bonus shares, and it has Rs 11 crore in cash on hand.

The SFMF now has a bank balance of Rs 10.45 crore. According to the company’s Bhadra report, it had a net profit of Rs 8.06 crore, compared to a net profit of Rs 15.51 crores the previous month.

Sunrise Capital Limited has also released the NAV report for the Sunrise Bluechip Fund, which can be seen here.

Bhadra has seen the infusion of Rs. 63.77 crores into listed shares, Rs. 11.04 crores into debentures, and Rs. 1.34 crores into offerings within the fund’s first month of operation, Bhadra. The fund still has an unutilized balance of about Rs. 37.6 crores in its bank account, which is a significant sum of money. Fixed have received a total investment of Rs. 10 crores from the fund. The fund’s net asset value (NAV) is Rs. 10.15, down from the previous month’s NAV of Rs. 10.5 per share.

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Bhadra is generating a profit of Rs. 1.21 crores for the fund. This was followed by a net profit of Rs. 5.61 crores in the preceding month.

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