In addition to Samriddhi Finance, Nepal Payment Solutions has grown their digital ecosystem to include a number of other clients.


In order to partner with Samriddhi Finance, Nepal Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (NPS) has extended its hands to the organization. Among who signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations were Mr. Pratap Shrestha, Chief Experience Officer (CXO), and Ms. Simon Shrestha, Business Development Manager of Nepal Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd., as well as Tika Nidhi Lohani, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Binod Raj Paudel, Chief Manager of Samriddhi Finance.


Nepal Payment Solutions, in conjunction with Samriddhi Finance, will be able to expand their digital as a result of this contract extension. They will be able to exploit the core capacity throughout transaction banking if they work together. To put things into perspective, Nepal Payment Solution does light integrations with clients as they both work toward a strategy of collaboratively defining, evaluating, and implementing standards for the digital ecosystem.

Furthermore, consumers of Samriddhi Finance have access to all of the services offered by Nepal Payment Solutions at no additional cost. They will also benefit from the use of digital technologies, which will provide them with top-notch financial services and payment options. Using its member PSPs for remittance and other services, they can take use of features such as Check out, One Link, Link Account, Wallet, and Transfer, among others.

Nepal Payment Solution is an aggregator that focuses on financial institutions (BFIs), remittance companies, payment service providers (PSPs), and businesses. Nepal Payment Solutions has worked with the majority of A-class, B-class, and C-class banks, as well as other non- financial institutions, to provide comprehensive payment solutions. Overall, NPS is a formidable fintech force, marching with more than 50 banks, 15 remittance companies, and 20 wallets.

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