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Monday, November 29, 2021


    As hesitation remains, the nepse is reduced slightly.

    In the first hour of Thursday's trading session, stocks were bumpy, and by mid-day, they had made a modest decline. The index of the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) plummeted to a level close to 2,720, but managed to recover...

    In the final hour of Monday’s trading, stocks posted a slight increase.

    However, while the index of the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) traded approximately 20 points higher at lunchtime, the stocks market saw a significant increase in the early morning hours of the day. The index, on the other hand, gave...

    The nepse falls 32 points as investors become more cautious ahead of the monetary policy review.

    The index of the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) dipped near the 2,750 mark at midday and then plateaued till the end of the session. Further selling pressure in the latter trading hours of the day resulted in a significant...

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