Hair transplantation is possible with a bank loan from Chitwan Medical College.


The Chitwan Medical College Teaching Hospital has set up a lending facility for those seeking hair transplantation services. Customers can pay for cosmetic treatments in installments, including hair transplants.

The hospital has partnered with Sunrise Bank Limited to offer this installment plan. According to Kritishma Aryal, of the Hospital’s Dermatology Department, arrangements have been created for patients seeking aesthetic therapy, such as hair transplant, to pay the amount in installments.

Aryal stated that the bank would issue zero-interest loans ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs ,000 with no collateral. The source of income for the loan, which can be repaid in up to 18 months in installments, is required to be revealed.

Aryal further stated that the loan was set up for individuals who find it impossible to pay the charge all at once due to its high cost. This is reported to be the first time this service has been offered in Chitwan.

Hair transplantation, as well as the removal of facial wrinkles, skin whitening, pore removal, dandruff, and other stains and blemishes, are available at the hospital’s Department of Dermatology.

Hair transplantation is done using the latest technologies, according to Dr. Shraddha Upreti, Consultant Dermatologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon at the Hospital. She further asserted that hair transplanting in this manner would have no serious effects.

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