For the proposed merger with Nepal Investment Bank, Himalayan Bank (HBL) has approved the dividend and share swap ratios (NIB)


Limited has scheduled its 29th Annual General Meeting for the 30th Poush of the year 2078. The meeting will take place at the company’s office in Kamaladi, Kathmandu, and will begin at 11 a.m. on the scheduled day. Shareholders will be able to watch the AGM live on the internet.

The AGM will also approve a 26 percent dividend for the fiscal year 2077/78, among other items on the agenda. The board of directors voted to disburse the dividend on the paid-up capital at its 412th meeting, which took place on Ashoj 20, 2018. Bonus worth 21.38 percent of the company’s stock and cash dividends worth 4.62 percent have been suggested.

There is also an agenda item to approve the decision to increase the company’s existing authorized capital from 15 Arba to Rs. 16 Arba, which is on the agenda as well.

The Due Diligence Audit (DDA) has recommended a swap ratio of one to one for the merger of and Nepal Investment Bank Limited, as recommended by the DDA. All merger-related agenda items will be approved at the AGM.

Poush 11 is the date on which the book will be closed. As a result, shareholders who had their accounts in good standing before that date are eligible for the dividend payout and are welcome to attend the AGM.

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