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Sunday, September 26, 2021
    Nepal Breaking NewsBusinessEntrepreneurs from Nepal are being pushed to attend the China Commodity Expo.

    Entrepreneurs from Nepal are being pushed to attend the China Commodity Expo.

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    At the end of August, the South and Southeast Asia Expo and Investment Fair (SSACEIF) 2021 will be held in Yunnan Province, China.

    The exhibition will feature exhibitors and participants from several South and Southeast Asian nations under the theme “New Opportunities for New Development.”

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    The event will take place in Kunming, the of Yunnan Province in southwest China, from August 25 to 29.

    SSACEIF is a provincial-level event organised every odd year with the goal of boosting economic contacts and collaboration between China and Southeast Asian countries.

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    Most of the 3,000 standard booths will be physically set up at the Kunming Guanshang International Convention and Exhibition Center in Kunming, where SSACEIF will occupy an exhibition area of 64,000 square metres.

    This expo, according to the Yunnan Provincial Overseas Representative Office in Kathmandu, known as the ORO Nepal Office, provides new chances for Nepali businesses.

    β€œNepali businesses are welcome to attend and exhibit their products or projects for free. According to the ORO Nepal Office, each company will its own web page containing a product or brief, photographs, and partnership plans.
    It went on to say that this year’s expo will operate in a more user-friendly manner for exhibitors. Exhibitors will be given free market spaces to present their items, clear customs, and conduct online commercial discussions.

    β€œEveryone may register online at www.csa-expo.com, and ORO will analyse your firm’s profile from backstage and promote your company to different booths,” said Lingcheng Wu, Director of ORO Nepal and Bhutan Office.
    Though Nepali exhibitors can only participate in the expo online, he said that their product samples can be sent to Kunming and exhibited through an agency.

    Since its inception in 2015, ORO Nepal has brought together Nepali and Chinese businesses to collaborate in areas such as energy, hotel, floriculture, agriculture, and more.

    Apart from the usual expo, this year’s event includes thematic exhibitions such as Asia Link, Yunnan Province’s Overseas Window, Overseas Investment Cooperation, Trade in Services, Market Trade, Border Trade, and Yunnan Province’s On-Line Matchmaking Event, among others.

    The offline forums and meetings will take place in accordance with the current epidemic management scenario, according to the event organiser.

    The 4th China-Southeast Asia Business Forum, the 3rd China- Cooperation Forum, the 15th China-South Asia Business Forum, and the 8th China-South and Southeast Asia Think-Tank Forum, among others, will be hosted during the five-day fair.

    The event in Yunnan, China’s main gateway to Southeast Asia and South Asia, emphasises China’s growing commerce and collaboration with the region.

    Yunnan hosted the China Expo in December, however owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was only available online. The expo attracted over 10,000 exhibitors and purchasers, with a total value of $5.19 billion USD signed throughout the expo week.

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