Economists’ skills should be used for country building, according to Finance Minister Sharma.


A framework to combine economists’ experience with of the Finance Ministry, according to Finance Minister Janardan Sharma, is needed for the country’s progress, he has stated.

As part of a arranged by the Nepal Economic Association on Monday to award the Finance Minister honorary membership in the Association, Finance Minister Sharma underlined the importance of building a framework for connecting professionals with the welfare of the country.

He stated the Finance Ministry or the government alone will not be sufficient to enhance the country’s economy and that a method to link the knowledge and experience of the professionals is required.

Additionally, Finance Secretary Madhu Kumar Marasini stated the expertise and knowledge of specialists would be incorporated into the of developing any strategy or plan.

Prof Bishwombhar Pyakurel, President of the Association, stated they have been assisting the Finance Ministry in the formulation of the country’s economic policy and indicated their determination to continue to do so in the future.

Economic experts Dr. Bhawani Dhungana, Dr. Shivaraj Adhikari and Gopal Tiwari, among others, advised the government to advance small programmes directly benefit the people, pointing out that the incumbent government does not have enough time to complete a large number of projects in a short period of time.

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