Do I need a new CRN in MeroShare?


Hello guru haru,

I recently changed my bank account details in MeroShare. Ani MeroShare ko details ma gayera chai mero naya bank ko details nai chha. Ani change garney bela ma ni something dividend collect garna lai matra bank change lekheko jasto laageko thiyo. Ani kura ke vandaa, bank details change gari sakera my details ma pani naya bank ko details dekhaaikana pani IPO varney bela ma chai puranai bank dekhaairaako chha ani puranai bank ko CRN raakhnu pariraako chha. Ke yo IPO bharna ko laagi chai bank details change garna namilney ho ra? Ani change garna milchha bhaney CRN number tei hunchha ki naya bank batai linu parchha?


Kuro ke ho bataaidinu hola hai. Thank you in advance.

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  1. nepredfan says

    The account in meroshare is for your dividend deposit. It has nothing to do with CRN. You can have as many CRNs as you like. eg. I have CRNs from 3 different banks. CRN is used for applying shares via meroshare.

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