Court Marriage Process in Nepal


In Nepal, the chapter on marriage in the Civil Code 2017 (2074) governs marriage. All of the rules regulating marriage are found in sections 67 to 84.

This article will explain the steps involved in registering marriage in Nepal, with an emphasis on what is known as “court marriage.”

Requirements for Court Marriage in Nepal

In Nepal, Section 70 of the Civil Code of 2017 lays out four requirements for getting married:

  1. Both man and woman accept each other as wife and husband.
  2. If the man and woman are not related by blood, they cannot be punished for incest.
  3. If the man and woman are not already married.
  4. If both the man and woman are above 20 years of age.

The rule, on the other hand, requires people of a certain caste to marry their relatives if they are culturally accepting of the practice.

The processes of Marriage Registration

Marriage registration can be started in one of three ways:

  1. Marriage registration at a court (“Court marriage”)
  2. Couples who have already married through a social/religious ceremony will register their marriage (Receiving the marriage certificate from the ward office)
  3. An embassy or consulate office may register a marriage.

Required doplusents of court marriage

Anyone wishing to register their marriage must file an application with the appropriate district court, along with the following doplusents:

  1. Application in the specified format, duly out and signed;
  2. Original and notarized copy of applicants’ citizenship certificate; original and notarized copy of witness’s citizenship certificate;
  3. Both applicants must submit recommendation letters from their local wards attesting to their single or unmarried status.
  4. Letters of recommendation for temporary residence from local ward offices–This is needed for both applicants;
  5. 4 copies of passport-size photos for each person; and a bank voucher for Rs 500 as a court fee.

The following doplusents must be present for any foreign citizen who wishes to perform a court marriage in Nepal:

  1. No letter of objection from the respective embassy or consulate is required to marry in Nepal. This must be translated into Nepali and notarized by a public notary.
  2. The law of the country in question about marriage. This must be translated into Nepali and notarized by a public notary.

Procedure for registering marriage in court

Step 1: All applicants must complete an application and sign it in person.

Step 2: The court verifies all of the records. The court will register the application after it has been verified, and an appointment date will be set.

Step 3: All claimants, as well as their witnesses, must appear in court on the date.

Step 4- If all of the paperwork is correctly and all of the legal requirements are met, the judge will approve the marriage registration application and the court administration will issue a certificate.

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