Broadband internet access is available in 663 locations around the country.


According to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority, broadband internet access was available in 663 local levels across the country of mid-July (NTA).

The internet service expansion is part of the Telecommunications Administration’s (NTA) effort to provide high-speed broadband internet across the country.

With the aid of the Rural Telecommunications Development Fund, the NTA initiated a drive to increase internet access under 18 packages. According to the NTA, high-speed internet connectivity has reached 94.44 percent of locations across the country of mid-July under the packages.

In 15 of the 18 packages, the complete 60 districts have access to the internet, while in the other two, 50% of the areas in 10 districts have access to the service.

Similarly, according to NEA spokesperson Santosh Poudel, work is underway to install internet in four districts.

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