Agro minister pledges to ensure food security via new policies



Minister has pledged to ensure in the country as the ministry is preparing new policies and regulations to regulate the .

Addressing a programme organised on the occasion of the 40th today, he said that the Food Act has been formulated as per the spirit of the constitution and regulations are being drafted.

He stated that the issue of right to food and healthy food for everyone has been addressed constitutionally and politically, but a lot of work still remains to be done.

“There are many well-experienced technicians in the country, however, whenever the need arises there are no technical persons available in the required destination.

We have to be clear that farmers alone cannot sort out their problems,” Bhusal said. “At least one agricultural technician in every ward is the present need for the development of the agricultural sector.”

Meanwhile, Uddhav Adhikari, chairperson of Alliance of Agriculture for Food campaign, stressed on increasing production to discourage the import of agricultural products by adopting sustainable development through organic agriculture. “A task force formed by the ministry for the promotion of organic agriculture has already submitted its report but there has been no response so far,” he said, adding, “The needs to be serious and bring result oriented policies.”

Meanwhile, Agriculture Secretary Rajendra Prasad Bhari said that the m

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