A loss of 49.04 points brings NEPSE’s closing price to 2,584.61.


The NEPSE index finished at 2,584.61 points today, down 49.04 points from its previous closing point. The index had risen by 5.28 points the day before.

The index began the day at 2,633.63 and reached an intraday high of 2,641.96 at the close. Even though it dropped as low as 2,580.68, it eventually closed at 2,584.61.

A total of 7,932,731 shares were traded, resulting in a turnover of Rs. 3.413 Arba, or Rs. 3.413 billion rupees. This represents an increase over the previous day’s turnover of Rs. 2.742 Arba. A total of 47,864 trades took place involving 231 scrips.

Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Limited (MLBL) had the most turnover with Rs. 12.43 crores, closing at a market price of Rs. 620 per share. It was the most profitable company with the biggest turnover. The of NMB50 were the most actively traded.




In terms of technical gains, Nyadi Hydropower Company Limited (NYADI) and Samling Power Company Limited (SPC) both achieved 10 percent gains and tripped the positive circuit breaker. Meanwhile, the Corporate Development Bank Limited (CORBL) suffered the most loss, falling 6.8 percent.







Today, every industry has suffered a setback. The Development Bank suffered the most loss (3.82 percent).

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