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Sunday, December 5, 2021
    Nepal Breaking NewsGeneral News117 people are killed in a post-monsoon calamity that affects 26 regions.

    117 people are killed in a post-monsoon calamity that affects 26 regions.

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    As a of the post-monsoon disasters induced by torrential rains, which have claimed the lives of 117 people so far, a total of 26 districts have been severely damaged or destroyed. Floods, landslides, and inundations were created in 26 districts by the post-monsoon rainfall brought on by the action of the wind from the Bay of Bengal and the westerly wind.

    1 was the most severely affected by the calamity. In terms of casualties, it had the highest number, with Sudurpachim Province coming in second.

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    Sudurpaschim suffered a significant loss of lives and property during the course of the first two days, which occurred last Sunday and Monday. The focus of the disaster thereafter switched to Province 1. Other provinces, on the other hand, were less adversely affected.

    According to the information released today by the Home Ministry, 117 individuals died as a of the post-monsoon calamity.

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    Humkala Pande, the Chief of the Disaster Management Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs, provided this information. Five bodies of the missing have been uncovered in the previous 24 hours, while another 32 people are still unaccounted for.

    Males account for 56 of the dead, females for 35, and children account for 25.

    In a similar vein, there are 13 missing men, seven missing women, and 12 missing children. Furthermore, 44 people were injured in floods and landslides, with some of them returning home after receiving treatment, according to Pande.

    The home ministry went on to say that 118 dwellings were completely demolished and another 30 houses suffered partial damage.

    Ngamindra Dahal, a climate change expert, stated that such intense rainfall following the monsoon season could be linked to climate change.

    The damage was also in eight national highways, according to the government’s records.

    Six highways that were destroyed by the accident have not yet been restored to full function. It has been estimated that Rs 1.5 billion has been lost in damage to road infrastructure alone.

    Detailed information on the loss of paddy crops is forthcoming. The government has already agreed to provide free medical treatment to those who have been hurt, as well as financial help to families who have suffered a loss of a loved one.

    1 alone has a total of 67 deaths, with seven people still missing, according to official records. In the Panchthar district alone, landslides and floods claimed the lives of 30 people.

    2, as well as the provinces of Bagmati, Gandaki, and Lumbini, received far less damage.

    In Karnali, five districts were severely damaged, resulting in the deaths of eight people, four people being injured, and one person being missing.

    Sudurpaschim is the second most severely impacted in the country as a result of the post-monsoon disaster. In this province, a total of 37 individuals lost their lives, while another 22 persons went missing.

    Landslides and floods resulted in the injuries of seventeen individuals.

    Doti reported 16 deaths, while Bajhang reported 12.

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