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Prabhu Cable Car kasto company ho? Katai Post dekhidaina


  1. Bro, you have to wait for IPO issuance and we have no clue when they are going to issue it. Even after the issuance you will have 3 years lock in period. IMO, it is better to invest in companies at the current bearish rates than take gamble on this… but it’s up to decide..

  2. Can anyone share a screenshot of the notice here?
    Their website has a page dedicated to share applications, but the published notice clearly states that the shares issued are for the existing shareholders.

  3. Till they begin the public issuance process there won’t be much chatter about it tbh- Major stakeholders are all subsidiaries of Prabhu itself so it won’t be a bad bet even with a 3-year lock-in.

    Khanda Devi Cable Car Project & Siddhartha Cable Car Project The first one I don’t know much but the second one has good promise. Their third Project Siddha Baba, I checked their Project update report as of Magh- 50% is done. Haven’t heard about the religious site much so can’t be sure of its impact.

    * Tourism growth is at a steady pace and with all the free press Nepal is getting off through YouTubers it will grow more. If all things go well it’s going to be a good exit for investors.

    * It will compete with Annapurna Cable Car in NEPSE under the Hotels and Tourism category.

    * Annapurna is releasing 310,000,000 worth (3,100,000 no of shares)

    Extract from their website:
    “Prabhu Cablecar and Tourism Limited is a subsidiary company of Prabhu Groups and Companies as it is a major investor company of Prabhu Cablecar and Tourism Limited. The authorized capital of the company is 50 crores. In this equity, Prabhu Holdings and Hydro Development Company Limited have 19.6%. Likewise, Hydro Holdings and Power Development Company Limited own 19.6%, Prabhu Jalbiddhyut Bikash Limited owns 9.8% and Prabhu Urja Krishi Paryatan Bikas Limited owns 51%. After initial public offering (IPO) at least 70% stake in this company will remain with Prabhu Groups and Companies. This company is constantly working to guarantee corporate governance to its shareholders and to give high returns to its investors.”


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