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Please Guide Me to start my journey in NEPSE

Hi, i am a small investor in NEPSE, as if now i only have IPO and few secondary shares whose worth turned 6 figures now . I cannot work as an employee anywhere that i have understood if myself.

Now, I want to enter this market with some cash and turn my life around. I am willing to put money but I cannot collect sufficient knowledge to make me confident to enter this market all on my own. I have red few books and watched videos but didnt provide me solid support.

So, guys please help me by guiding or suggesting books about stocks and help me enter this market confidently. Also tell me about your experience on investing or trading in NEPSE is like .

Books i have read :

The intelligent investor
One up wallstreet
Little books of investing


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  1. Nepalese share market is way contrast than western market as per my observation. The “Intelligent Investor” talks about value investing model based on Warren Buffet approach which is cool but given the political instability and economic fluctuations of our country it is hard to predict. If you wanna be passive investor you gotta have patience to hold and for speculator, it depends on your risk appetite. There is a book called ” Financial Independence” , also you may refer books from Gautam Baid.Also there are courses on Udemy. If you ask me I prefer courses on understanding candlesticks over books though. Because Nepalese market is very different.


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