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Nepse ma Bull ko suruwaat vakai ho ta??


  1. If we look at the economic signals, there isn’t any rational indicators for the market to increase. NRB is absorbing excess liquidity from banks. Excess liquidity has not been utilized properly as public confidence is low in investing (in businesses) at times like these. Working capital loans are regulated heavily now (usually this was how private businesses were taking loans and investing in stocks and real estate). The monetary policy is going to be tight as well (mainly due to IMF audit taking place rather than the fiscal policy). Budget 80/81 has deficit financing of approx 5 kharba that will crowd out private investments as government will borrow some portion of that internally

    Everytime I sense the same pattern. If some adverse policies are about to take place (strict monetary policy), there’s always a spread of unrealistic optimism in the market. That’s exactly when the pump and dump takes place or the so called bull trap. If you can get in and out in the right time, great! The name of the game is making money right? But fundamentally, I don’t think we are in for another bull run. Other than increase in remittance, none of the sectors are performing well during this economic scenario.

    This is just my opinion but i hope i’m wrong.

  2. The investors are slowly growing confident in the market but I don’t think the market overall is on a path of consistent recovery. Too many factors and hiccups up ahead.

    But then again, we can’t be sure, if only anybody could be sure. Personally, a long way for me to recover the loss.

  3. Let’s not get carried away, market has to break 2200 first I think there will be strong correction back to 2000 1900

    People are being a little too positive on upcoming monetary policy, big chance of Hatti Ayo Hatti Ayo fussa


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