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MKCL Reports Turnaround: Q3 FY 2080/81 Sees Significant Profit Growth

Muktinath Krishi Company Limited (MKCL) has released its financial report for the third quarter of FY 2080/2081, revealing a remarkable upswing in earnings. The company disclosed a net profit of Rs. 2.12 Crores for the quarter, marking a significant turnaround from the net loss of Rs. 2.99 crores in the corresponding quarter of the previous fiscal year.

MKCL experienced a modest rise in Revenue from Operations, soaring by 110.63 percent to reach Rs. 37.61 Crores. Additionally, other income witnessed a significant rise of 157.16% to attain Rs. 26.11 lakhs.

However, alongside this income surge, the company reported an incline in personnel expenses by 41.52 percent, totaling Rs. 3.88 Crores. Simultaneously, there was an increase in other operating expenses and financial expenses.

MKCL maintains a substantial paid-up capital of Rs. 70 Crores but reports negative other equity of Rs. 4.37 Crores. Notably, MKCL has augmented its investments, reaching Rs. 10.2 Crores.

In terms of financial indicators, MKCL’s annualized Earnings per Share (EPS) inclined to Rs. 4.05, reflecting the improved profitability. Moreover, the Net Worth per Share is reported at Rs. 93.75.


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