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Message from Nabil bank about shortfall in Share loan account.

Idk if the flair would be related but it seems like something related with share and finance so thought people in this sub would have idea about this.
Below is the message that I got, anything I need to be worried about?

Dear customer, Shortfall Rs. 919572 observed in share loan A/C. Pls deposit deficit amount within 7days. Pls contact Nabil Bank for detail.

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  1. Mero Maa Pani Aaxa, 3.3Million Ko, Suru Maa Ta Satto Gayo, Paxi Chai Message Maa Galti Haru Vetey, Office Phone Garey, Ajhai Genuine Response Chai Paxaina😂😂

    Edit: Nabil just sent a message with apologize. 😂😂😂

  2. same with me as well how did came to be it said with a whooping amount of 3339680

    my friend akso got the exact same message ststing this amount and he doesnot even do much except apply for ipo

    the bank branch is from macchapokhari/ balaju branch


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