Earn Money Nepal

I’m kinda new to the scene here so if it’s a noob question, understand hai.


  1. This has been discussed plenty of times…the Face value of the share is 100 rs regardless of how much premium you paid for it….the real price will be revealed once it stsrts trading in the market

  2. Simply since there were more people who applied for share, they distributed share equally by 10. So everyone gets a fair amount of share. You are only debited for the share they gave you.

  3. Current balance vaneko number of kitta ho. So 10 kitta parya ho. 100 vaneko company ko face value ho. Baki 334 vaneko hamile premium tireko. Vaneko extra tirya ho, IPO kinne oppurtunity ko lagi. Premium ma vareko IPO sabai ko 100 nai ho actual price. So timile 1000 nai tire pani 100 ho. 900 vaneko timile premium tira ho tyo IPO ko. Fee tira jastai IPO kinna lai.

    Aba sunday kati ma kholla vanne chinta xa. Ekdam nai controversial IPO banyo yo.

    Around 200 – 600 ko opening range paako xa kyare. Low bata opening garne re vanne halla xa. But testo garla jasto lagdaina. IPO kine ko vanda tala chahi nabechnu. Manufacturing sector haru ramrai price ma janxan paxi lai. Baaki ta aafno ichcha.


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