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Himalayan Distillery Limited (Manufacturing and Processing)


  1. Check their annual report and no of shares the BOD holds.

    Chairman – 100,000 kitta

    Director- 15,000 kitta

    Director- 420 kitta

    Director – 690 kitta

    Director – 690

    Independent director – null

    2.67 crore kitta ma BOD sanga jamma 116,000 kitta cha. So if the board of directors as a whole holds 0.4% of the company’s stock themselves what future do you expect from such company?

  2. Their quarterly report has nothing to do with any of this. Mostly people garu le peak tira kina baseko thio, their patience is running out. HDL ko report haru eastai authio, kaile ramro kaile lastai naramro, kaile khatra. Only buy at fair valuation. NICA ma switch hunu parxa

  3. Look at the quarterly report. Both the last quarter, we can see significant downfall in their business which is getting amplified with bearish sentiment. Personally, I will buy the dip.


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