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Gold Rate Drops by Rs. 1,000 per Tola in Nepal

In the latest update from the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association (FENEGOSIDA), the price of fine gold has witnessed a significant drop of Rs. 1,000 per tola. Currently, fine gold is being traded at a rate of Rs. 1,41,000 per tola, marking a decrease from its previous rate of Rs. 1,42,000 per tola.

Similarly, the price of Tejabi gold has also fallen by Rs. 1,000 per tola, now standing at Rs. 1,40,300 per tola, down from its earlier rate of Rs. 1,41,300 per tola. It is worth noting that the highest recorded price for fine gold in Nepal was on May 31, 2024, when it reached a staggering Rs. 1,42,200 per tola.

The silver market has also experienced a slight decline, with the current market rate at Rs. 1,835 per tola, reflecting a decrease of Rs. 15 from the previous day’s rate of Rs. 1,850 per tola.

These price adjustments in Nepal’s precious metal markets are in line with global trends, as the international gold rate now stands at $2,316.60 per ounce, and silver is traded at $29.85 per ounce.

As consumers and investors closely monitor the fluctuations in precious metal prices, it remains crucial to stay updated with the latest market trends and insights from authoritative sources like FENEGOSIDA.


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