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Exploring the Growth of Hydropower Projects Along Taplejung’s Rivers

Taplejung district in Nepal is experiencing a significant surge in investment in hydropower projects, particularly along its primary waterway, the Tamor River, and other rivers in the region. Officials have reported that there are currently 16 hydroelectric projects underway along the Tamor River alone, with an anticipated power generation capacity of 1,654.51 megawatts.

According to the Department of Electricity Development, 14 of these projects are exclusively located within Phaktanglung Rural Municipality, showcasing the region’s commitment to harnessing its hydroelectric potential. The remaining two projects are situated in other local areas, further contributing to the district’s renewable energy landscape.

In addition to the projects along the Tamor River, Taplejung is also witnessing progress in hydropower initiatives along other rivers. Four projects are currently in progress along the Mewakhola River, which flows through Mikwakhola Rural Municipality. These projects are expected to yield a power output of 178.42 megawatts, further bolstering the district’s renewable energy infrastructure.

Furthermore, the Department has highlighted the development of four hydropower projects along the Kabeli River, projected to generate 95.43 megawatts of power. This diversification in hydropower projects demonstrates Taplejung’s commitment to utilizing its natural resources for sustainable energy production and economic growth.


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