Yak farmers urge preservation, promotion of yak farming



have stressed on the need to preserve and promote in the country.

Forming the Yak and Chauri Association of () on October 8, the farmers have urged the Solukhumbu local government to preserve and promote yak farming in the country.

Stating that Nepal’s animal husbandry sector is shrinking of late, Pemba Sherpa, general secretary of YCAN, said, “Therefore, the bitter reality that the animal husbandry sector has remained merely a source of income rather than a profession of choice is clear to us.”

Explaining that the association was formed to bridge the existing gap between the government and yak farmers, he added, “Despite its immense potential, yak farming has largely been overlooked by the government and no action has been taken for its preservation.”

The association has also urged the central and local governments to bring policies to attract farmers to this sector.

“Due to lack of market, people have abandoned this profession and most people from the hilly region have migrated abroad,” Sherpa said, “Hence, the government has to introduce policies to attract farmers to this industry.”

Yak milk products of Nepal are quite famous in foreign countries. However, the production is so little that large scale demands are not being fulfilled. Thus, there is a ne

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