When the Nawalpur substation is operational, it is projected that the electrical supply would be reliable.


Starting on Saturday, substation in Nawalpur, Sarlahi, will be fully operational.

Government were used to build a 132/33-kV substation in Lalbandi Municipality-1, Nawalpur District in Sarlahi, which was operated by Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA).

substation, which was built to improve the reliability and quality of the power supply to Sarlahi as well as to deliver electricity to the new industries that will be established in the coming days, was put into service on Saturday and is now fully operational. The substation was charged the day before yesterday (Saturday).

Kulman Ghising, managing director of National Electricity Authority, stated that the power supply to Sarlahi would be reliable, and that technical leakage would be decreased as soon as the substation was put into operation.

Power was provided to Sarlahi from Dhalkebar and Chandranigahapur substations via a 33-kV line, which was buried beneath the town. NEA CEO Ghising explained that because the 33 kV cable was long, there was technical leakage and that the power supply was also not consistent. “Because the power will now be delivered directly from the Nawalpur substation, the leakage will be decreased when the line is short,” says the engineer. In addition, the power supply shall be dependable and of high quality. Electrical power can be provided to the new industries that will be established in Sarlahi.”

When it comes to Nawalpur substation, the 132 kV transmission line is looped in and out on both sides. The electricity for the Nawalpur substation will be supplied by the same 132 kV line.

substation is equipped with two transformers, one with a capacity of 132/33 kV and 63 MVA and the other with a capacity of 33/11 kV and 16 MVA. With the help of this substation, power will be sent to the Sarlahi 33/11 KV distribution substations at Haripur and Malangwa, respectively.

Niranjan Shah, project manager in charge of the substation, explained that the work had been delayed due to the impossibility to transport equipment due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Contract for construction of the substation was awarded to a joint venture between Power Tech and Waiba Infratech Nepal, which is based in Kathmandu.

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