When is the book closing for the 13.712 percent dividend at Lumbini Bikas Bank held


In the month of Poush, 2078, Bikas Limited will hold its 14th Annual General Meeting (AGM). On that day, the meeting will take place at the companyR7;s headquarters in Kathmandu’s Dillibazar neighborhood, beginning at 11:15 a.m.

It would also approve a 3.712 percent dividend for fiscal year 2077/78, consisting of a 13 percent share worth Rs. 37.78 crore and a 0.6842 percent cash dividend for tax purposes worth slightly more than Rs. .98 crores, among other things.

The book will be closed on Mangsir 27. Investors had their accounts established before that date are therefore eligible for the dividend payout and are welcome to attend the annual general meeting (AGM).

LTP stands at Rs. 562 at the time of writing.

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