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    Tech and AutoFintechWhat is Namaste Pay?

    What is Namaste Pay?

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    A new mobile wallet in Nepal has been launched by the Nepal Digital Payments Company (NDPC), called Namaste Pay. NDPC is a joint venture between Nepal Telecom and Rastriya Banijya Bank, two of Nepal’s most successful state firms in the telecommunications and banking sectors, respectively. The Namaste Pay wallet service will be available through a variety of channels, including smart phone applications, USSD, and a web interface, among others. In the beginning, the wallet will only support cash-in and cash-out transactions, peer-to-peer transfers, and a few utilities such as telecom recharge, bill payment, and water bill payment, among others. Additional services, such as the ones listed below, will be included in subsequent releases:

    Integration of accounts: There are nine banks to choose from, and the is expanding. In order to load money into your wallet or send money from your wallet to your account.

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    To load your wallet, use mobile banking, a debit or credit card, or an authorised agency to make a direct deposit into your account.

    Wallet money may be transferred to your bank quickly, or your wallet balance can be converted to cash in your pocket through an agent in your neighbourhood.

    Transfer from one wallet to another:

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    You can now send money to other wallets in a quick and simple manner. Money transfers to and from friends and relatives have never been more convenient.

    for Utilities:

    In only a few clicks, you can top up your telecom service or pay your internet bill.

    Pay bills for various utility services such as water, electricity, DTH, and so on directly from your mobile phone, eliminating the need to stand in line. In the next days, further services will be made available.

    Merchant Payments:

    Paying a variety of online and physical merchants is possible. Purchase cinema tickets, airline tickets, and bus tickets. Pay for treatments that you receive. Eat out at restaurants, purchase groceries, go shopping, or even pay for a cup of tea are all examples of money. It is expected that Namaste Pay would be accepted in thousands of shops and outlets throughout Nepal.

    Government Due Payments:

    Paying taxes and levies to the government, as well as getting government allowances, have all been made easier and more efficient than ever before.

    Educational Institutions:

    It is possible to pay tuition and fees for school, college, university, and professional institutions promptly and without any difficulty.

    Download NamastePay on Google Play Store

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