What do you guys think of Global IME’s new Dashain scheme?


They claim to double the money in two years. feels too good to be true. Is there a catch somewhere cuz how many of us can confidently say that we will double our in the next two years? hera pheri scheme jasto ta haina hola ni

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  1. Asfen says

    You put the seed amount up front and add 10% every quater. Lets say you decide to put 1 lakh in this plan this is how it works according to my understanding

    Day 1 you give 100000
    Day 90 you give 10% of seed amount 10000
    Day 180 you give 10000
    Day 270 you give 10000
    1 year you give 10000
    And so on

    You give 170000 and get back double the seed amount
    200000 back. Its not as good of a deal as it seems.

  2. berojgar_keto says

    they are not doubling the money …the customer itself is doubling the money by depositing 10% of initial investment every quarter …that is 70% will be deposited by the customer in 2 years in 7 quarters….rest 30% will be provided by the bank as interest…

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