Video Know Your Customer (KYC) is now available at NMB Bank.


NMB Bank has introduced a Video KYC (Video Know Your Customer) tool that uses an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to match the face of the customer to verify their identity. Customers of the bank will be able to authenticate themselves on the go and open bank accounts from anywhere in the world as a result of functionality.

For Nepalese living overseas, who will now be able to register an account online, the Video KYC (Video Know Your Customer) service will be particularly beneficial.

In order to verify your bank account through NMB Bank’s Video KYC, please visit page and follow the on-screen instructions.

NMB Bank, Nepal’s largest commercial bank, has introduced the Video KYC feature as part of its commitment to digital banking. Customers will not have to go to the bank to complete their Know Your Contribution (KYC) form as a result of using service. Instead of having to physically present themselves at the bank, they can validate their identity online.

Customers will be able to obtain a wide range of banking services, in addition to mobile and online banking, without ever having to visit the bank. The bank stated in a notification that was published on Sunday (November 14).

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The introduction of VKYC NMB Bank is part of the bank’s initiative to improve its digital banking capabilities. The bank anticipates that its new online service will make its manual services more transparent and error-free, as well as more efficient. NMB Bank is attempting to eliminate paper-based processes by incorporating more online offerings.

Video Know Your Customer (KYC) is another another highlight of digital banking in Nepal.

Nepalese banks are pushing the boundaries of digital banking to new heights. They are transforming banking services by providing more digital services to their consumers as a result of the introduction of enhanced features. The Nabil Cash Machine service was just launched by Nabil Bank. Customers of the bank can use the system to make both cash deposits and withdrawals from their accounts.

In a vein, both Bank and NIC Asia Bank have started offering cardless withdrawal services, allowing their customers to withdraw cash from ATMs using their mobile banking applications. They can instruct the bank’s mobile banking to disburse cash by selecting options from the app’s options menu.

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Banks are also promoting QR-based payments in Nepal, which is helping to boost digital payments in the country. The Chabahil fruits and vegetable market now has a QR-based payment system, thanks to a partnership with Sunrise Bank. Prabhu Bank has partnered with FonePay to make QR-based payments at Bhatbhateni more convenient for customers. These are just a few examples of how digital banking is becoming increasingly popular in Nepal.

Banks and financial institutions (B/FIs) are one of Nepal’s most profitable industries, and their adoption of digital banking should be applauded for its innovative nature. Customers benefit from an upgraded banking system since it is more convenient. It’s also reasonable to anticipate that online banking activities will be smoother, error-free, and more comfortable.

What are your thoughts on NMB Bank’s ground-breaking Video KYC feature, which has a new standard in the industry? You can share your thoughts with others in the comments section below.


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